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52: Top 5 Looks at the 2016 Grammys

  1. Jidenna
    This look is incredible.  That suit is a magnificent color and cut.  It’s paired perfectly with shoes and a tie that would be a bit busy except for how perfectly it works here.  The collar on the suit is beautifully cut.  The jewelry on this look is a brilliant touch and doesn’t distract from the already mentioned gorgeous suit.  The cane is a distinctive touch that just adds to the overall elegance of the look without being too much.
  2. Diana Gloster

    There’s something enchantingly perfect about this dress.  As the dress expands from the waistline, so does the sheet music decorating it.  This look is definitely served by the simplicity of black and white.  The large black band cinching the waist ensures the notes aren’t the most eye-grabbing piece of the look.  The simple, unpatterened bodice similarly keeps the look from being too much.
  3. Big Sean

    This shirt’s cut is perfect.  The way it dances around the chest to reveal the rapper’s chest and necklace is gorgeous.  The tuxedo black lapel keeps this suit from being a snooze and instead further frames the neckline.  The shoes are a great touch, and ultimately continue what every part of this ensembles does: takes elegant simplicity and enhances it with beautiful, simple detail.
  4. Gary Clark Jr.
    It’s hard to say whether the accessories or the suit itself is the better part of this look.  The neck scarf is magnificent and draws attention to the cut and simplicity of the many buttons of the jacket.  The material used on that jacket is perfect and makes the grey-black shimmer.  The boots and hat complement the look as well, being distinctive without distracting.  Also, those are black jeans he’s wearing, and the overall ensemble works perfectly for either the red carpet or a casual day out.
  5. Mya
    Elegance defines this dress which is cut to marvelously accentuate the singer’s form.  The curves of the colors perfectly balance each other, and the all-black top is perfect.  The jewelry pairs nicely with the dress and the look has a nice touch of asymmetry that enhances the overall effect.  The train is a beautiful touch and just stresses the controlled beauty of this look.
  • Honorable Mention: Serayah

    This dress accomplishes the impossible: it is a one-strap dress that wouldn’t be better as a strapless or two strap dress.  Obviously many people like a one-strap look, but I don’t, but this dress’ spiral wrap aesthetic justifies the style choice.  The train perfectly accentuates that aesthetic.  While I’m not a huge fan of the front, the profile of this dress is gorgeous.
  • Bottom: Taylor Swift
    I need to make something clear: my opinion of Taylor Swift’s music has nothing to do with why she is in this slot.  This look is awful.  You’ll notice that almost no one else at the Grammys decided that a tube top was the way to go on this elegant night.  Yes, the split skirt does pair nicely with the top, and the colors match nicely, but the random tube top is an unforgivable choice in the first place.

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