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52: Top 5 Beatles

  1. John Lennon
    While John Lennon could not have done it on his own, perhaps he’s the one that would have been able to come closest to creating the Beatles with a different group of people.  His guitar and ability to write songs that not only were remarkably influential, but continue to be exciting today.

  2. Paul McCartney
    The most successful Beatle post-Beatles, McCartney’s bass, lyrics, and vocals all were deeply essential to the success of the Beatles.  And Paul and John working together were unstoppable.

  3. George HarrisonWhile not nearly as prolific as the others, Harrison’s songs are among the best and his attitude was essential to keeping the Beatles together.

  4. George Martin
    The phrase “fourth Beatle” fits no one better than George Martin.  He took the “fab three” and did exactly what was needed to take them one more step.

  • Honorable Mention: The Abbey Road Beatle
    This list is difficult because there are only three normal Beatles.  But thankfully the Abbey Road cover has another Beatle on it, although this one is a Volkswagen Beetle, not a living breathing Beatle.  But then again, Abbey Road is such an incredible album that it seems fitting to award the next slot to an integral member of it.

5.Ringo Starr
Oh, RINGO!  Yes, it seems that he does qualify for a spot on this list.  But then again, Ringo isn’t even the best drummer in the Beatles (apparently Lennon didn’t even say that, but it’s hilarious regardless).  Ringo made a huge different to the band (even if it’s fun to make fun of his sad, sad face) and shows just how amazing the Beatles were because he is still honored as so deeply significant to the history of drumming.

  • Bottom: Yoko Ono
    Unlike George Martin, who made the Beatles sound better when he was in the studio, Yoko Ono made the Beatles sound like nothing because they don’t exist any more.  Ok, sure McCartney has said she didn’t break up the Beatles, and yes this is the second list with her at the bottom, but on principle Yoko Ono is the worst of the people that made the Beatles the Beatles.  (ALRIGHT FINE, some of Lennon’s best songs are about Yoko, so arguably she did make some positive influences on the band, but this is principle!)

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