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52: Top 5 Sites in Saint Petersburg

  1. Kazan Cathedral

    Modeled after St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, this early nineteenth century Orthodox church is beautiful on the inside and out.  Located on Nevsky Prospekt, the central location in the city makes it an easy place to get to and be around.  The dark stone of this building makes it stand out, as does the fact that it is set back from the street.

  2. Trinity Bridge

    The bridge itself is made in the Art Nouveau style of the late nineteenth century, this beautiful bridge is complemented with a beautiful view of the city.  The major bridge connecting parts of the city, and crossing it allows viewers to see the best of the entire city.  Of the five top slots on this list, two are a stone’s throw from one point on Nevsky Prospekt, and two others look out on the prettiest part of the Neva River.

  3. Church of the Savior on Spilt Blood

    The Griboedova canal has perhaps the best view in the city.  Standing at the intersection with Nevsky Prospekt, the viewer can see Kazan at one end and Spilt Blood at the other.  This church literally expands over the canal so it could cover the site of Alexander II’s murder.   This late nineteenth century church has some of the brightest colors in the city and the interior mosaics are similarly gorgeous.

  4. Yelagin Island

    This entire island is a beautiful park litered with palaces, beautiful vistas, and scenic trails.  Of the parks in the city, it’s perhaps the most natural, expansive, and beautiful.  Originally an upper class retreat, the island is now open to the public and beautiful any time of year.

  5. Peter and Paul Fortress

    Made with the early eighteenth century baroque mindset that appearances matter more than practicality, this fortress expands into the Neva.  Realistically the fortress is a collection of beautiful buildings, views, and landscapes, not just a single structure.  However, from the beach that overlooks the city center to the church where the tsars are buried to the dungeon where political prisoners were kept in the twentieth century, this site is exceptional.
  • Honorable Mention: International Academy
    CaptureThe place that I work is a place of multicultural learning and growth.  It’s a joy to work there and even though the school has moved many times, wherever it is feels a bit like home.

  • Bottom: Industrial Band

    Surrounding the city centre is a thick band of industrial buildings.  Just outside of this band are high-rise residential buildings stretching for miles.  This band signifies the end of the beautiful, old inner-city and the beginning of the mass produced expanse.

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