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52: Top 5 Types of Tea

  1. English Breakfast
    Black with milk and sugar (or just milk), this classic blend is the perfect way to start each day.  While there are many similar forms of dark tea, the balance here between bitterness and flavor is divine.

  2. Rooibos
    While good rooibos can be hard to find, this splendid late afternoon infusion is deeply flavorful and exciting.

  3. Lady Grey
    This tea adds the perfect twist to bergamot-based Earl Grey.  Earl Grey is also an amazing tea, but the lowered bergamot content and increased flavoring makes Lady Grey a marvelous tea anytime in the afternoon

  4. Chamomile
    Not technically a tea because it’s not made from tea leaves, this rich evening tea is soothing in both aroma and flavor.

  5. Jasmine
    Perhaps the best way to flavor green tea, jasmine gives a soothing but exciting flavor that can be drank throughout the day.
  • Honorable Mention: Mate
    Perhaps yerba mate deserves to be on this list as much as any of the other teas, but this South American beverage requires such specialized drinking gear that it warrants a special place here.

  • Bottom: Flavored Water
    Some teas are just so weak that they are rendered practically undrinkable.  Whether real tea or infusion, even after long steeping times or doubled tea bags, the tea can be so weak it’s undrinkable.  Thankfully this generally just means a bad blend of that tea.  Very few teas are just universally bad.

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